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It might have been a combination of hot drinks and cold weather that drove Ota to the idea of setting up a space for sharing and discussing our landscape photos within some sort of a private area. Our mood got very (too) high as we were talking about establishing a ‘virtual camera club’ that would work on an invitation basis only, about people who love and shoot nature who we would like to see joining, password protected web space, potential members, countries where they were located, categories of favored images, discussion flames, articles... Within the period of 5 years, all of it came true and it’s hard to imagine for a by-stander how robust the internal system became (Michal, thanks for making it programmed). Oddly and unexpectedly, it evolved much beyond our original plans as the lightharmony (Majo, thanks for giving us a name), which was originally designed as a private gallery quickly emerged into a public spot highly acclaimed by many fans of landscape photography (all past and current members, thanks for your contribution). But many people don’t get to know that there is a robust indrawn activity where we show our recent works to each other, get critiqued, talk about various related topics and many more, that represents the essence of the lightharmony.

Ota Hevler, Wreck BeachOta Hevler, Wreck Beach - The first ever uploaded photography into the LH internal system. February 24, 2006.

As I said, all of what we discussed then happened over time except for one thing - articles. We all were having full mouth of deadly interesting words, stories and ideas that were just born to flourish on a paper so we thought it should be easy to record and go live with it. But proved difficult when I really tried. Too much time to compose a single sentence. Put it into a meaningful whole? (Almost) Impossible. That actually meant we had published 8 texts in 4 years (?), half of them by Varina who is indeed a passionate and active writer on her website and our big example to follow. My ambitions usually don’t go beyond growing own carrot in the backyard but I have to admit that 2 contributions I made are far too poor result when measured in the context of someone who likes talking more than working. :-)

Ice & SkyIce & Sky - This one is the latest image in our gallery, posted today...

One of the issues might have been that an ‘article’ is too complicated to be written in today’s terms and time constraints. Per traditional definitions, it should include a body consisted of pre-defined parts such as a prologue, a core text and a conclusion. At least. But who wants to follow such structure these days? No comments are possible to be placed. You write without having a clue if somebody reads your stuff. And perhaps no one because of its full-size boring range. I rather get back to my nicely growing carrot.

Our article section on simply needs to be recharged. It has to be able to absorb short (and possibly simple) texts coming from any LH member on any topic we may think of. Hence we are now swapping the format into a classic blog with the option for writers to be really brief and with the option for readers to post comments and interact with us much more actively than before. So here we are with our blogging piece that sometimes will perhaps be done in Czech/Slovak (depending on the author) rather than English and I would love to hear from you what your view is as to the preferred language. As my carrot grows nearby, we plan to bring this area of our activity into the next level by commenting on what and how we do, sharing experiences, ideas or/and pictures here. Hope you will enjoy and let us have your feedback instantly.

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#4 Michal
#1 Michal Budzynski Hi Michal, in the blog posts is included google translator now... next the article header.

Best regards, Michal
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#3 Michal Budzynski
#2 Marek I am glad that you found my suggestion helpful! If you need any details or help with it, just let me know.

I would love to see Czech/Slovakian posts in English or even Polish!

Best wishes, Michal.
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#2 Marek
Michal, many thanks for you suggestion! That is actually a great idea and if what I saw on your site was translated by a machine, I'm thrilled. It is much more than just getting an idea what you wrote of. And it is much better than what I could do with texts when translating them. We will definitely try it here, too.

Take care, Marek
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#1 Michal Budzynski

I really appreciate your photos and have been visiting your site for a long time now!

I think that introducing a blog section is a great idea. I would really like to read some "fresh" news and enjoy short stories.

But when it comes to language, there are a few possibilites to consider. I do not know your website stats, not even mentioning the foreign visitors rate. However, with nowadays technology, you can have your blog translated automatically into various languages. I have recently installed a Google translator engine on my blog. It translates the whole site according to your system preferences, you can choose another option from the list too (well it supports over 50 languages). Perhaps you can check how it works: - I introduced it few days ago, so it is still under testing (the native language is Polish, there is a menu on the right). Obviously, some grammar mistakes occur, but readers and visitors are able to (at least) get an idea of what you are writing about! I hope you will find it helpful. I personally consider it as a great solution!

Cheers from Poland.
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