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Rocks & Cabins

Rocks & Cabins
Marek Potoma
4th September, 2012

Photo equipment: Hasselblad H1 Hasselblad 35mm Fuji Velvia 50

...As I was walking back on the bridge couple of hours later, the surroundings have been in completely different mood. Heavy skies, dramatic wind, storm light - now much more about the atmosphere and feel of a place as oppose to the pure contentual and color contrast business on the previous one. To underline and give it a little more push, I chose Fuji Velvia (happy with the bluish snow) and if I remember correctly Lee ND Grad 0.45 Soft. Also, my 35mm lens with no crop factor and slight more walking up the bridge allowed for much more space of the main subjects although I excluded one cabin on the very right - because it's now less cabin shot as well as because it got too far right and I was losing the rhythm amongst them. I now had the composition that suited the purpose better: it contained more space for the sea and sky to convey more of mood; different perspective made cabins smaller while having kept the rock optically the same so the relationship between the two went more dramatic; more sea on the bottom and descending mountain ridge in the right back part of the frame (and breath of storm thereof, too) added some spontaneous touch of space...

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