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Cold & Blue

Cold & Blue
Marek Potoma
8th December, 2009

Photo equipment: Mamiya 645 Pro TL 80mm Fuji Velvia 50

Everybody wishes there is lots of snow in winter and I'm no exception. But I also appreciate dry and very cold periods that have been occuring over the last few years more often than ever before. When mixed with mist, it can completely change a character of a landscape and create very different shapes, patterns or colors (and their various combinations) from what we normally expect to witness.

I arrived right at the sunrise with potential scenes already scouted previous days. Although frozen grasses and trees looked very promising, the thick fog surrounded me all round. But just a little later, rising sun started to burn it together with the frost, creating spectacular contrast between lit and shadowed parts of the scenery. It was amazing to stand there freezing and watching the fascinating transition from cold to warm, from blue to red, from winter to spring...

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