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Volcano & Sky

Volcano & Sky
Marek Potoma
22. červen, 2010

Použitá technika: Hasselblad H1 35mm Fuji Velvia 50

I was asked many times what's so striking on Icelandic nature that one would want to pay a trip to photograph it. Admittedly, there is almost no beauty in the sense we all traditionally appreciate. Raw landscape with no plants, endless desolating lava fields or rocky grounds in the foothills of volcanoes do not stand for anything that is usually worth to photograph. Most of us would definitely not perceive the way Iceland looks as a lovely land.

But when it all comes into a combination with spectacular lighting and skies that may actually happen quite often because of ever-changing atmospheric conditions, it provides for terrific yet very simple natural designs. These are moments when you feel and embrace the beauty of Iceland in its full strength. No need for words, the camera does it a good justice.

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