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Castle at Wind

Castle at Wind
Marek Potoma
24th July, 2010

Photo equipment: Hasselblad H1 80mm Fuji Velvia 50
EXIF: ...and the pile of filters: Singh-Ray Color Combo Polarizer, Singh-Ray Vari ND, Lee 81A + CC075 Red and Lee 0.6ND Grad... :-)

The ruins of Spis Castle are one of the largest castles in Central Europe, and are one of the most photographed sites in Slovakia. Shooting for a specific project has been the very new experience for me. Due to time constrains, I had no chance to repeat the session hence it was essential to try various means for achieving results that would stand off what the average image of the castle usually is.

The lighting conditions were not too favorable with the overcast sky moving slowly above the subjects. When it was clear that the sun cannot get through the clouds, I went for the long exposure (11 minutes) with as many as 4 different filters assisting me in getting the blur and the warm colors on my Velvia. What I love about shooting this way is that one can hardly predict what all these filters combined with long exposures cause to the film but in this case I remained quite happy about the result.

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