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Tale of the Grey Beard

Tale of the Grey Beard
Marek Potoma
9th November, 2010

Photo equipment: Hasselblad H1 80mm Fuji Velvia 50

Natural reservation Drevenik and Siva Brada, Slovakia

Shot near Spissky hrad (Spis Caslte), the UNESCO heritage, which we were working on as the part of the project "15 Treasures of Slovakia". I had two days to bring something from there. The light was not specifically friendly, actually it was quite bad. So I experimented with long exposures and contrast of colors. Also tried to get a 'different' angle of view. It's sometimes fun when you have plenty of time to venture on some other things because of no light. :-)

We were lucky the next morning anyway, so this one did not make it to the final selection. The competition was tough. Really tough.

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