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Smoking Land

Smoking Land
Ota Hevler
28th February, 2011

Photo equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EF 17-40 f /4L USM
EXIF: ISO 100, 320", f14, LEE Big Stopper and ND Grad 0.6, Krafla, Iceland, 2010

Deteriorating weather conditions in the southern part of Iceland forced us to change our itinerary and after a brief consultation and analysis of the weather forecast we decided to move the northern cost. And I have to say, we did not regret it at all. One of the places we had visited there was Krafla. Place with active seismic activity and ever present smell of sulphide hydrogen, caught our attention immediately after arrival.

Since we were up the whole night (taking pictures and driving) first thing we needed was to get some rest. After few hours of sleep we went to observe the smoking land in the afternoon. Heavy stormy clouds were formatting in the north-east and the scene started to get sort of surrealistic feeling. Clouds were moving pretty fast over the sky and the steam was quickly running from the ground. I decided to use long exposure to emphasize the surrealistic atmosphere and also intensify the overall movement in the landscape. For this purpose I used ten stop ND filter (LEE big stopper). It took me few seconds to calculate the finale exposure time and I set up the camera to BULB mode and locked the shutter for slightly more than five minutes. I hope you can feel at least a little bit of the extraordinary atmosphere in this photograph.

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