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...Lights & Snow...

...Lights & Snow...
Marek Potoma
17th April, 2011

Photo equipment: Hasselblad H1 80mm Phase One P30

Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway

When I was there first time this winter, I created a minimalistic composition that involved these fishermen's cottages (called rorbu) under some impressive rocks. It was a twilight shot with a moving sky, the only piece I was missing was the light in rorbus. During my next visit few weeks later, I decided to rent one of these to make sure the light I visualized in the scene is on. So it was but weather did not permit to do what I had in mind - the rocks on the background was not visible due to clouds and mists and it started snowing later on. I framed cottages more tightly with a longer lens and used my strong torch to illuminate falling snow and to create this moody night image.

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