Welcome to a place of Light and Harmony,

This web site is dedicated to the uniqueness of the nature and landscape around us. You will find here a variety of landscape photos from attractive world locations. You can discover hidden places in Slovakia, you can experience the majesty of the Canadian mountains, you can relax on the coasts of the world’s seas and oceans, or you can cool down by creeks in the Czech Jizera Mountains, and many more...

LightHarmony associates landscape photographers who share a passion for the natural world and strive to capture its beauty. LightHarmony was established as a virtual camera club in 2005, having 18 members located in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, England, Canada and the USA. Our ultimate goal is to convey the results of our efforts through this continuously updated web landscape photo gallery, with the hope that you will find it appealing or even inspiring.

Feel the Light and enjoy the landscape photos.
The LH team  

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