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Landscape Photography Workshop in Pieniny (10th September, 2014)
We cordially invite you to attend the photography workshop led by two of our members: Landscape Photography Workshop. Foreigners welcome! (Feel free to contact us for details.)
Ondra Prosicky's Polar Bear Expedition (3rd October, 2013)
Recently, Ondra came back from the expedition to photograph polar bears in Svalbard. Have a look at his collection of stunning imagery on his website. As well, you will find a series of interesting articles from the trip there.
Ota Helver Awarded at Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013 (15th September, 2013)
We are pleased to let you know that Ota Hevler, the member of our club, has been awarded the First Prize in this year’s Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013 in category Fine Art, for his amazing series of black-and-white images of northern lights from Iceland. The winning photographs can be seen at Land&Colors.
Ondra Photographing Northern Lights in Iceland (8th April, 2013)
Our good friend and LH member Ondra Prosicky spent couple of days in Iceland to photograph northern lights and other beauties of Icelandic nature. Find the first report and many interesting images on his website.
Boris and Marek En Route (2nd April, 2013)
Marek Svantner and Boris Michalicek put together an impressive showcase of the images from their trips to India, Pakistan and elsewhere. It’s a great collection of travel and landscape photographs that you can see online on Marek’s website.
Climbing Wall in Torysa (13th September, 2012)
Pali Hradisky opens up his climbing wall in Torysa for public. Subsequently, a race in bouldering is taking place. More about this activity in the short photostory in our blog.
Film or Digital? (27th November, 2011)
The new post in our blog appeared after some time - Marek compares digital and film output, now also linked to the version in English. Hope you will enjoy.
Book (22nd September, 2011)
Štefan Kordoš and Jozef Poliak from TASR has released small book "Hriňovské lazy". Štefan Kordoš is author of pictures and Jozef Poliak has written the text. Format of book was chosen small so it could be taken in to pocket, while admiring beautiful countryside of Hriňová. Small map of Hrinova area is enclosed. Graphical design by Waldemar Švábenský Preview of book can be seen here: Hrinovske lazy do vrecka
Land & Colors Launch (16th June, 2011)
Ota Hevler and Marek Potoma launched their personal website . It's mainly blog and a small gallery. Check them out and leave a feedback!
Autumn in Austrian Alps (5th May, 2011)
The fresh post to our blog was written by Boris (in Slovak this time but images speak the international language :-)). It's the short report from his trip to the Austrian Alps (Hochschwab). Interesting reading and great photographs. Read here!
Interview with Michal Vitasek (2nd May, 2011)
Interesting interview with Michal Vitasek not only about photographing landscape. In case you understand Czech, read here! If not, look at the images. :-)
1st Quarter Newsletter (14th April, 2011)
This is how our newsletter for the first quarter looks like. It was just distributed to our subscribers. Make sure you add your email address on the list through our home page if you want to receive the regular updates from us!
Northern Lights on Lightharmony (6th April, 2011)
In our latest blog entry Marek talks about photographing the northern lights in Norway. In Slovak this time, you may use the google translator to get a sense of the text, or just enjoy the images here!
Interview with Joe Cornish (1st April, 2011)
Read interesting interview with one of the most inspiring landscape photographers today. Joe Cornish talks to Michal Vitasek here. The article features a sample of Joe's recent work.
33% Discount on 15 Treasures of Slovakia (2nd March, 2011)
To celebrate our 5th anniversary (see here), starting March 1 we decided to offer our 15 Treasures of Slovakia book with 33% discount on the first 33 orders. Browse through it online!


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