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Back to the Roots (4th August, 2010)
Since its foundation in 2005, LH went through couple of significant changes in the way we operate. From a little private group of 8 having small talks about landscape photography virtually and during our workshops or trips, we opened up our public gallery back in 2006 which attracted quite a few talented photographers from all over the world to join. The number of members reached 17 last year. Each of us having had her/his own journey to follow, we lately started to feel differences in motivation and expectations we all might have had from the project. As a result, few members decided to leave the club to be able to better pursue their own interests in photography. With few exceptions this means that the LH is returning to the square one when talking about participants. The commitment to beauties of the landscape shared by the team remains strong and unchanged and we will do our best to even improve a visitor's experience on our site. Having said that, let us warmly thank to Emmanuel Coupe, Steven Sieren, Pedro Bento, Tomas Kaspar and Gabi Lach for their valuable contribution to the lightharmony and wish them every success in their photographic paths going forward.
From Dusk Till Dawn (22nd June, 2010)
Since early 2006, all members of LH were trying to shoot no-light photographs to capture and convey moods of diverse twilight sceneries we had been witnessing. The project was called "From Dusk Till Dawn". We would like to share with you the selection of work that emerged from our effort. Please proceed by clicking here to read more and/or straight here to watch the presentation. Turn the lights off and enjoy!
Ice Climbing Video (29th March, 2010)
Our friend Majo Srnik shot amazing document showing him and few his mates climbing the ice. The video is now available to all of you. Hope you will love it as much as I do. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback with us through the guestbook, contact form or via the email!
Road to Nowhere (22nd February, 2010)
You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition of Tomas Zahumensky named "Road to Nowhere". The official opening session takes place on 25 February 2010 at 6pm in Fotopoint, Bottova 7, Bratislava. The show ends 31 March 2010. You will find more info here.
Camera Slovakia 2010 (7th February, 2010)
We are pleased to announce that two of our members succeeded in the acclaimed photo contest that took place as a part of the travel festival Camera Slovakia. Tomas Zahumensky grabbed the main Viewers' Prize in the category of "People and Culture" for his suggestive document from Belgian Oostende Everyday Is Like Sunday. We recommend to see the entire story that is located here. In the same category, Boris Michalicek got the second place for the black and white image of the Austrian rural country Contrast of Ages. Also, Boris took the second place in the "Nature" category with the geometric study Fields III. Congratulations!
Lightharmony Newsletter (2nd February, 2010)
As of March 2010, we decided to start publishing our quarterly newsletter with the aim to improve communication with our supporters and friends. It will include news and reports of activities of our club. In case you are interested in learning more about lightharmony, you are kindly invited to subscribe to our newsletter. It can be done through the simple form at our homepage. Thanks for your interest in lightharmony!
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009 (14th December, 2009)
Emmanuel Coupe was named the Landscape Photographer of the Year in the highly acclaimed British competition. His photograph of the sunrise over the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland has won the first prize of the Take a View awards.
Members Announcement (8th December, 2009)
Some of you might have noticed few changes in the LH crew that happened lately. For various reasons, Gabriel Liptak, Peter Gajdos and Radim Spitzer decided to pursue other interests outside of our club. We would like to thank them for their contribution to LH and wish them every success in their future photography activities. On the other hand, we proudly announce that Emmanuel Coupe ( joined the LH completing the number of members to 17.
RAW versus JPEG - Article by Varina Patel (20th November, 2009)
Varina prepared a nice article about advantages of shooting into RAW compared to JPEG that many of you will find useful. We encourage you to read it here.
Calendars 2010 (12th November, 2009)
We are pleased to let you know that members of the Lightharmony issued their wall calendar for 2010 named Beauty of Slovakia. It was done thanks to cooperation with Graspo CZ, the graphics company. The cover and back pages can be seen here. Additionally, Tomas Kaspar and Stefan Kordos have made their own calendars, Waterfalls and Slovakia 2010 respectively.
Hochkonig (18th September, 2009)
Boris Michalicek wrote a short article about his photography trip on Hochkonig.
Nature Photography and iHDR Webinar: Sept 26-27, 2009 (31st August, 2009)
Four online sessions with Varina and Jay Patel aimed to teach techniques for creating natural-looking high dynamic range images. More information and registration here .
Photographer of the Month (12th August, 2009)
Varina Patel has been featured as Photographer of the Month on Darwin Wiggett's blog. He wrote up a really kind review of her work. We are proud to have her on Lightharmony!
Pedro Bento's New Website (28th July, 2009)
Pedro Bento launched his new website at, please have a look!
Travel IN magazine (9th July, 2009)
Travel IN magazine published some of Boris pictures from Carpathian mountains.


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