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Varina Patel in National Parks Magazine (8th June, 2009)
One of Varina Patel's photographs of Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee has been chosen for publication by the National Parks Conservation Association. The image, titled "Smoky", will appear in the Summer 2009 issue of National Parks Magazine.
Varina Patel v casopise Popular Photography (13th February, 2009)
Black and white photograph of Varina Patel named Paria Canyon, took first place in the December "Your Best Shot" contest for Popular Photography magazine. The image appeared in December issue.
Radim Spitzer in Digitální foto magazine (18th March, 2008)
Czech magazine Digitální foto published Radim Spitzer photography portfolio.
Portfolio - Radim Spitzer
Radim Spitzer (18th March, 2008)
Radim Spitzer is a new member of Lightharmony team.
Varina Patel (5th December, 2007)
Varina Patel is a new member of Lightharmony team.
Tomas Zahumensky in Fototip magazine (9th October, 2007)
Slovakian magazine fototip published Tomas Zahumensky photography portfolio.
Portfolio - Tomas Zahumensky
Tomas Kaspar in Outdoor Photography (7th June, 2007)
Tomas Kaspar's portfolio was published in June issue of English magazine - Outdoor Photography.
Image 1
Image 2
Popular Photography magazine (7th June, 2007)
Tomas Kaspar's photograph was published in May issue of Popular Photography magazine, which is one of the largest photography magazines in the world.

The image "Tatra Dawn" of Marek Potoma won gold medal at Trierenberg Super Circuit in "Panorama" category. Trierenberg Super Circuit is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe.
Black & White magazine (17th April, 2007)
Three of Tomas Kaspar's photos were published in Black & White magazine.

View it here:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Interview - magazin Fototip (25th January, 2007)
In Slovak photographic magazine Fototip 1/2007 was published photograpic profile of Stefan Kordos.
Štefan Kordoš - 1st place (22nd January, 2007)
Stefan Kordos won 1st place in competition "Ecology in lens" by Bayer company, in category "Nature".
Lightharmony Calendar 2007 (19th December, 2006)
The Lightharmony team put together a landscape calendar for 2007.

View a sample here.
Categories (2nd September, 2006)
You can sort all photos by categories: coastlines, deserts, details, fields, forests, lakes and rivers, mountains and hills, man & nature, waterfalls.
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